2022 Tet Marketing – Trends and Popular Campaigns

D4EMedia Tet 2022 Campaigns

2022 Tet Marketing – Trends and Popular Campaigns

2022 Tet Marketing Trends Forecast

It is obvious that the COVID-19’s complicated progress has had such a major impact on customers’ psychology and spending habits. Companies can foresee strategic marketing trends to help them improve their communications for Tet 2022 by responding to market fluctuations and emerging customer insights. 

  1. The development of Online Shopping:

Economic challenges have resulted in an increase in internet buying behavior ever since start of the pandemic. As Tet approaches, more crowds gathered to shop, increasing the likelihood of an outbreak. As a result, Tet 2022 promises to be a fantastic opportunity for e-commerce firms to make shopping more convenient for individuals. Online shopping is one strategic solution for brands to engage with customers’ accessibility, creates a better image in customer’s perception.

Tet Sale plans including shipping charges and delivery can be created by e-commerce companies and associate brands during Tet, like Shopee did in Tet 2021. Because of the easiness, online purchasing demands might arise at any time, therefore firms must implement online marketing campaigns on social channels as soon as possible. With the right marketing timing, brands can create an online sale “explosion” and achieve success.

  1. Trending Topic: Celebrating a Safe Tet Holiday:

Tet presents an opportunity for us to reconnect with friends and family, but also causes harm of illness spreading due to the massive gatherings. As a result, this insight will be heavily utilized, leaving the firm with the challenge of allowing people to fully enjoy the Tet holiday even while assuring their well-being. This might be the most well-known topic that brands will use this year’s holiday as their main strategic approach.

Another topic that is popular right now is to connect people together during the holiday. Vietnamese people, particularly children who live abroad, wish for a family gathering on the Lunar New Year. Unfortunately, many individuals will be unable to fulfill their wish due to the outbreak. As a result, a Tet that appears distant but grows closer as a result of the brand’s love connection marketing will win definite points with customers.

Popular Tet 2022 Campaigns

  1. Coca-Cola: TVC “Mang Ky Dieu Ve Nha” 

As part of COCA-COLA ®’s global strategy REAL MAGIC, the “Mang Ky Dieu Ve Nha” 2022 movement is symbolic of Tet’s wonders all over, while we celebrate and bond with near and dear ones. The kids in “Bringing Miracles Home” spotted the tranquil environment of the neighborhood and wanted to distribute Coca-Cola cans with the others, following the famous sharing motif. The simplest deed of two children’s kind spirits has helped to bring individuals together. Coca-Cola hopes to demonstrate its involvement in forging bonds and delivering miracles to consumers in this way.

“Mang Tet Ve Nha” continues to “cover” channels, sales channels, and social media with the unmistakable red color of COCA-COLA®, being one of the first brands to introduce 2022’s TVC Tet. COCA-COLA® continues to produce compassionate, close-knit advertising films that represent the beauty of Vietnamese culture in a deep and interesting way year after year. COCA-COLA®, particularly in this year’s Tet campaign, includes numerous inspiring activities for people to interact and share more, allowing them to truly experience the meaning of a magnificent Tet season for the first time in a long time. This is a year of tremendous changes.

  1. Mondelez Kinh Đô: TVC “Tet Hy Vong”

Mondelez Kinh Do’s TVC “Tet of Hope” made a sensation this year by engaging blind kid actresses to express the key messages. Despite the fact that she had lost her sight, she was still able to completely appreciate the Tet mood with what she had. The brand hopes to instill a good attitude among consumers through this intriguing exploitation.

Moreover, digitized banners with personalized messages from each business will be delivered to consumers at the proper time, thanks to a digital platform and smart technology that reaches customers based on location, behavior, and needs. in the Tet celebration journey More than 1,000 company establishments are projected to be supported, reaching more than 20 million potential clients across the country.  To meet consumers’ Tet purchasing demands during this year’s Lunar New Year, Mondelez Kinh Do has made all of its Tet items available on online shopping platforms like as Tiki, Shopee, and Lazada. Grab…

  1. Alpenliebe: MV “Vung ky uc ngot ngao”

Alpenliebe’s MV delivers a moving story by bringing people back to their memories of childhood, staying true to the platform “Love Bond.” That’s when she’s helping her mother “guard” the pot of banh chung or decorating the unicorn for Tet with her mischievous siblings. The novel reflects the psychology of children who have been away from home for an extended period of time due to an epidemic, employment, or school…


As a result, by foreseeing specific trends and revealing the deployment of Tet & hyper shopping campaigns by major brands in 2022. Furthermore, D4E has highlighted the marketing campaign highlights from brands throughout this year’s Tet season. This data allows brands to get a quick overview of their strategies for the coming year and “cut corners.”

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