Virtual Influencers: The less risky alternative to ‘real’ KOLs

Virtual Influencers: The less risky alternative to ‘real’ KOLs

One of the most important shifts in the advertising and marketing industries in the last decade has been the rise of influencer marketing. While influencer marketing tends to flourish, many entrepreneurs are focusing on a new frontier in the industry: virtual influencers.

So what is a Virtual Influencer? According to Virtual Humans, a virtual influencer is a digital character built in computer graphics software, given a personalized approach on a first-person outlook on the world, and made available on media channels for the purpose of influencing others. 

For brands, virtual influencers are considered less risky. The virtual KOL can be managed and will not draw unfavourable attention to themselves or their political views. Virtual KOLs can be programmed to appear in a certain sense and will never be ‘out of shape,’ in addition to behaving ‘appropriately.’ Furthermore, because they are powered by technology, they may operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… which is an appealing choice for brands. We’ve highlighted the top reasons why virtual influencers are a viable alternative for brands and what it means for the development of digital advertising.

  1. Virtual Influencers have fewer limits

Human influencers are constrained by practical restrictions such as time, budget, and availability when it comes to activations that demand certain people to present in particular places. For the most part, these limitations do not occur for virtual influencers. A virtual influencer can match a brand’s schedule, price, and presence needs wherever a media collaboration opportunity emerges. Because they’re animated, virtual individuals may fit into established digital settings with reasonable ease––and without causing a disturbance. When pitching to a younger demographic or sustaining a particular image, this quality attribute can make a tremendous impact on brands.

  1. The potential of virtual influencers is unlimited

Virtual influencers have creative possibilities that human influencers can’t compete. Virtual influencers are artificial beings, thus every part of their identities may be customized to meet the changing needs of any business, company, or organization. A digital identity can be established for virtual influencers to meet any particular niche. This opens up endless opportunities for partnerships with figures from all across the globe, as well as a lot more creative space for marketers. Because virtual influencers can have whatsoever purpose, all of their collaborations are genuine.

  1. Virtual influencers can take part in a variety of industries

Virtual influencers have the ability to portray virtually any market or business. Influencers’ personalities, values, and stories can be customized by brands to reflect the target client of choice. In general, virtual influencers offer a novel and personal method to connect with new, diversified audiences. They can adapt to new situations, develop creative stories that evolve over time, and completely engage in their passions without having to worry about real-world expenses.

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