That Is How Apple Gets You to Spend Money on iPhone 13!

That Is How Apple Gets You to Spend Money on iPhone 13!

Once a year, the race to become “the first to own a new iPhone” continues to cause a stir in public. With a “true iFan”, money and time are almost no longer important, but Apple’s new items can determine their “social status” for the next year.

Apple is one of the most influential and recognizable brands in the world, responsible for the rise of the smartphone with the iPhone. Valued at over $2 trillion in 2021, making it the most valuable technology company globally.

That is an amazing number! However, Apple’s success isn’t just about making a lot of money or selling a lot of products. Their success also lies in the way they have completely changed the game. Apple already has a huge fan base, lines of people standing for hours just to get the first version of any of their new products.

How did they do that? 

This article will reveal Apple’s marketing strategy that will make you say “Wow”!

Successful Neuro-marketing Strategy

In case you don’t know, Neuro-marketing loosely refers to the measurement of physiological and neural signals to gain insight into customers’ motivations, preferences, and decisions. This can be helpful for creative advertising, product development, pricing, and other marketing areas.  

Apple is one of the leading brands in combining Neuroscience with the power of Marketing. By taking advantage of the “blind spots” in the subconscious mind of customers, Neuro-marketing tactics will turn the iPhone into a “must-have product” by default. 

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The brand creates pre launch excitement for its products by making enticing announcements at Macworld, presenting the device to hard-core fans months before launch, and typically after subtle leaks have already aroused interest. Without revealing details of the product, they usually stimulate fans’ expectations in different creative ways. 

The expectation grows, first by clues, then through rising stagecraft, until the anticipation is palpable. As demand grows, Apple warns of scarcity, which fuels even more desire and leads to an enormous volume of preorders. Overall, even before the product is even released, buyers’ minds are filled with Apple, leaving little room for other companies.

Finally, Apple enhances mindshare and connectivity through its integrated products and smart retail locations by allowing customers to co-create a series of exciting learning experiences with Apple’s young, tech-savvy staff at the store’s Genius Bar. Even the sleek, modern product box is designed to neurologically connect with consumers. 

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FOMO of Not Owning an iPhone

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Every Apple Store is like an Apple paradise, and since most Apple Stores have glass walls, everyone passing by can see it. Then, a social need will arise when individuals witness others interacting with the product inside. 

Apple has taken advantage of a psychological move called FOMO (fear of missing out) to motivate people to go inside and experience new things at the store. And once customers are inside, they tend to be intrigued quickly by the quality of Apple products. Besides, each store is extremely well designed. Many Apple stores even serve as tourist destinations. And when people stay a little longer at the store, experience the products physically at the store, they tend to make a purchase or even spend more. 

Amazing Customer Experience

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Apple holds the customer’s experience in high regard, the experience can include every element which is comparing different product versions to each other, testing out new items at a store, purchasing the item, unboxing it, and setting up the devices. All the devices are carefully crafted, revised, and refined to meet the needs of the customers. 

When it comes to installation, for instance, one of the things apple fans love about Apple computers is how simple they are to set up. This is why Apple invests a great amount of money and thousands of hours in testing and replicating such designs. Moreover, warm lighting, monochromatic color schemes, and the arrangement of store elements all appeal to the shopper’s requirements.

To be concluded…

Since the first iPhone launched in 2007, Apple has successfully released more than 20 iPhone models. Right now, there is an estimated 1 billion people using iPhones worldwide, and Apple also keeps being the most valuable brand in the world. 

Apple has done a great effort with a very smart marketing strategy to reach customers and turn them into their loyal fans. 

What do you think about Apple’s moves every time they launch new product lines? 

Will you buy the new iPhone 13? 

Let us know by leaving the comment below!

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